Materials and Tools used

Chemicals Used

  • Dildrin
  • Aldrin
  • Heptachlor
  • Chlordane
  • Chloropyripas
  • 20 EC


  • Crow bar
  • Measuring Jar
  • Plastic drums 20-lit capacity.
  • Pouring Jar
  • Sprayer

Working Procedure

  • The anti termite treatment will be done by an approved specialized agency. The earth surface to be cleaned from wooden and any other garbage Particles. The entire surface should be leveled to the required elevation. Making 30 cms deep holes at an interval of 15 cms will do the treatment. An emulsion of correct concentration (as mentioned in manufacturer’s specification) shall be made by adding water to the chemical. This emulsion shall be poured in the holes by pouring jars and sprayed the surface by using pressure pumps and sprayers and allowed to get soaked through the holes fully. The left out 1m external for disturbed after the treatment.

anti termite


  1. 1). All chemicals except one given in this article are banned through out the world few decades ago and chlorpyriphos was banned in most western countries.

    2). Spelling of chlorpyriphos is given wrongly. 3). There is no chemical called 20EC. 4).There are 3 types of treatments namely construction practice, pre-construction and post-construction. What we look forward is genuine article and not immaturish ones from your site.

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