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5 Smart Highways Technologies of The Future

SMART HIGHWAY and SMART ROAD incorporates technologies into roads for

  • Generating solar energy,
  • Improving the operation of autonomous cars,
  • lighting,
  • Improving road safety
  • Monitoring the condition of the road

The Concept of Smart Highways were Developed by Studio Roosegaarde

5 Smart Highways Technologies of The Future

1. Glowing Lines of The Road

The markings are made using paint that contains photo-luminizing powder that “charges up” under sunlight and glows for upto 10 hours in the night.

2. Wind Powered Lights

Wind-powered lights will power up itself using pinwheels to generate electricity. It works by harnessing wind drafts from passing cars to generate electricity. The electricity will use to light up the lights on the pinwheels, basically lighting up the road path.

3. Interactive Lights

These will be motion-sensor lights. Interactive Light works when a car approaches a particular stretch of a road, the motion sensors will light up only that section of the road. The lights will grow brighter as the car comes closer and will slowly dim away as it passes.

4. Solar Highways

Solar Highways will have solar panels on glass roads, complete with LEDs and microprocessors. Glass strength can be improved to be even stronger than steel. The glass surface can be engineered for cars to be able to stop safely even at higher speeds.

5. Electric Priority Lane

Electric Priority Lane where electric vehicles (EV) user can charge up their vehicle on the go. The Induction Priority Lane will have embedded magnetic fields that can charge the moving vehicles. Electric cars do not have to look for charging stations on long journeys.

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