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Category : Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is used for construction of buildings and other structures by using brick stone, stone blocks, brick blocks with different types of masonry.

Strengthening of Masonry Walls – Methods and Materials

Strengthening of masonry walls is required to prevent failure and collapse during major earthquake or addition of extra load on buildings. Strengthening of masonry walls also may be required during rehabilitation of buildings. Unreinforced masonry walls have good compressive strength, but ...

Good Quality Brick Specifications Based on ASTM, IS, and CSA

Bricks are widely used in building construction because of their adequate strength, durability, availability and low cost. They can be made in desired shape and size. Bricks which are used for construction purposes shall poses good qualities otherwise the safety ...


Following are the factors affecting properties of mortar: The strength and extent of the bond are affected by many variables of material and workmanship. Complete and intimate contact between the mortar and the ...

Types of Mortar as Binding Material

The different type of mortars used in the construction as binding material are lime mortar, surkhi mortar, cement mortar, gauged mortar and gypsum mortar. The selection of type of mortar depends on the factors such as working conditions, hardening temperature, ...


Masonry structures upto three storeys or maximum four storeys are not very uncommon in India. Most of housing boards, Development Authorities construct housing flats upto three/four storeys and masonry is definitely economical. National Building Code of India (SP-7) provides all ...

Compressive Strength of Brick Masonry

What is Compressive strength of brick masonry? A wall or column carrying a compressive load behaves like any other strut, and its load bearing capacity depends on the compressive strength of the materials, the cross-sectional area and the geometrical properties as ...