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Building materials provides information on various construction materials, their properties and applications in building construction.

Textural classification of soil triangle

What is Soil Texture? Classification System of Soil Texture

What is Soil Texture? The texture of the soil is an indication of the relative content of particles of various sizes in the soil. It...

Wood as Construction Material – Types, Structure, Processing

Wood is one of the most used natural building materials in the world. A number of valuable properties such as low heat conductivity, small...

Spray Foam Insulation for Buildings – Properties,Working and Benefits

Spray foam Insulation is a spray applied plastic that is used for the insulation of the buildings. A spray foam insulation is a combination...

Proportions of Cement Ingredients, Their Functions and Limitations

The Ordinary Portland cement contains different ingredients with varied proportions. Each ingredients imparts different property to the cement. To produce good quality of cement,...

Low Heat Cement- Composition, Properties, Uses and Advantages

Low heat cement is a special tailored cement which generates low heat of hydration during setting. It is manufactured by modifying the chemical composition of...
Partition wall

What are the Requirements of Partition Walls in Buildings

There are several requirements that a partition wall need to meet otherwise its purpose will be compromised.So, it is necessary to understand partition wall...
Artificial Stone

What is Artificial Stone? Its Types and Applications

What is artificial stone? Artificial stone, which is also called casted stone, is constructed from cement, sand , and natural aggregate such as crushed stone....

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