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Category : Building Materials

Building materials provides information on various construction materials, their properties and applications in building construction.

Methods of Glazing of Clay Products

Glazing is a process of providing a glassy layer on the surface of clay products or ceramics. The glazing layer is fused to a ceramic body by burning at a high temperature. The thickness of glazing is generally ...

Straw Bale Construction

Straw bale construction is a sustainable construction technique that uses bales or bundles of straw as the main construction element. Straw bales can be used as a load-bearing or a non-load bearing component in a building.

Classification of Rocks with Examples

A rock is an aggregation of different mineral constituents which form the earth’s crust. Different types of rocks possess different engineering properties that make them suitable to be used in various construction works. The classification of rocks based ...

Test for Silt Content in Sand

Sand or fine aggregate is one of the most important construction materials at any construction site. Its selection should be done very carefully as it contributes to the strength of various important mixtures like concrete, plasters and mortar. ...

Hempcrete Blocks for Construction

Hempcrete or hemp concrete being a carbon-negative (carbon consuming) material is a great alternative for contractors to use in construction works. Hempcrete is prepared by mixing hemp shives (the inner woody core of hemp plant), water, and lime ...

11 Properties of Ceramic Tile Flooring for use in Buildings

Ceramic tiles are commonly used flooring material for all types of buildings such as residential, commercial or public buildings. Ceramic tiles come with a lot of benefits that make it a widely used flooring material for different buildings. ...

5 Effective Fire Retardants in Construction

Fire retardants or Flame retardants are chemicals used to slow down or hinder the growth of fire and provide a sufficient amount of time to evacuate a building. Their application on construction materials is absolutely essential to meet ...