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Building Tips

Tips on Building construction to civil engineers. This section consists of practical guide and other relevant information on building materials and construction which every civil engineers should know.

Design and Construction Requirements for Flood Prone Building Structures

Design and construction requirements such as elevation of structure, foundations, anchorage and connections, use of fill and other factors for flood resistant building structures...

Landings in Stairs – Purpose, Location and Standard Dimensions

What is a Stair Landing? Landings in a stair is a level floor or platform constructed at a location where the direction of stairs changes,...

How to Prevent Errors During Setting Out Building Plan on Ground?

Setting out building plan on ground is one of the most significant steps in building constructions and any errors at this stage would cause considerable problems, if it is not tackled immediately.

What are the Types of Ties Used in Building Construction?

Ties are continuous tensioned reinforcements which are completely anchored and sufficiently lapped mechanically or using weld. Types of ties in building construction is discussed.

How to Set Up Sewer Sanitary System Layout?

Sewer sanitary system consists of network of pipelines to carry wastewater from houses to wastewater treatment system. Setting up layout for sewer sanitary system with procedure is discussed.

Methods and Process of Painting on Different Surfaces

Painting on a surface is not same for all surface types. Some precautions are to be taken before and after painting. Methods and process of painting on different surfaces are discussed.

What is Facade Retention in Building Construction and its Advantages?

Facade retention is a method of building rehabilitation to bring changes to interior of the building structure. Advantages of facade retention in building construction is discussed.

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