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What are the Design Considerations for Passive Solar Heating System?

Design considerations for passive solar design

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Design considerations concerning passive solar heating are invaluable for a designer. This is because they help designers use passive solar heating technologies correctly and efficiently. 

In addition, the design considerations serve as general guidance to help engineers and designers make the right decisions about the various design aspects of the passive solar heating system. For instance, building orientation, placement of different rooms based on their functions, provision of suitable size and number of windows and doors, envelope type selection, sealers, shading, etc.

What are the Design Considerations for Passive Solar Heating System?

Figure 1: Angle of Sunshine in Summer and Winter Used to Calculate Optimum Overhang
Figure-2: Insulation of Walls, Roofs, and Floors


What is a passive solar heating design of a building?

The passive solar heating design uses construction materials and different structural elements like walls, floors, and roofs to use the sun’s heat energy and reduce energy consumption during winter.

What are the four major design considerations for a passive solar heating system?

1. Orientation of the building and openings
2. Thermal mass
3. Insulation
4. Movement of air inside the house

What is meant by true south used in the passive solar design?

True south is the direction toward the south pole.

Why is overhang used in the passive solar house?

The function of the overhang is to block sunshine during summer, resulting in the prevention of overheating inside the building during the hot season.

Why is it beneficial to extend the passive solar heating building in the east-west direction?

The extension of the passive solar-heated building along the east-west axis leads to an increase in south-facing elevation and the number of south-facing windows. This increases the amount of heat admitted into the house.

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