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Save Environment with Green Buildings

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Ever since the existence of earth human being has been a unique and unequal creature. As it is said “necessity is the mother of invention”, the same necessity made him to invent and discover many things on earth. The basic need of human beings are food, cloth and shelter.i.e (Home). The meaning of home is not simply constructing four walls and slab over it but it will provides comfort, healthy climate, aesthetic beauty and living standards to users. All these requirements are fulfilled by a new concept i.e. ‘GREEN BUILDING’. Green Buildings helps in: 1. Increasing efficiency with which building and their site use, water and materials etc. 2. Reducing building impact on human health and environment through better site planning, design, operation, and maintenance till its life period. Today’s pollution is tremendously increasing and it has ill effect on human being as well as environment. Day by day harmony between human being and environment get reduces. By using green concept in our building planning ecological balance between human and environment will be achieved.

Fig: Components of Green Buildings

Initially green building cost 3-8% more than conventional building however higher initial cost is compensated within 2-3 years by handsome saving in its maintenance cost making green concept extremely popular. Thus total life cycle cost is much lower than conventional building. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), a part of the confederation of Indian Industry-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (CII-Godrej GBC), Hyderabad, is credited with spreading the green building movement in India since 2001. The CII-Godrej GBC was India’s first certified platinum rated green building spread over 20,000 sq.ft in Hyderabad. Today there are 315 green buildings in India, including 250 commercial which include IT parks, hospitals, airports and educational institutions. Of these 315, as many as 60 green buildings-or nearly 20 percent - have come up in Mumbai alone. The remaining are in other states of India. Starting with a modest 20,000 sq.ft green building in 2004 in Hyderabad, green buildings today account for over 235 million sq.ft. spread across India.
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