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What are the Contents of Construction Documents?

Construction Document

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Construction documents are written, graphic and pictorial documents prepared or assembled for describing and communicating the design, location, and physical characteristics of the elements of a project necessary for obtaining a building permit and administering the contract for its construction.

Construction documents should also show the size, section and relative locations of structural members with floor levels, column centers and offsets, and the design loads and other information pertinent to the structural design.

So, not only do construction documents are a legal binding document needed for the success of projects but also ensure accurate coordination between contractor and client. Construction documents consist of calculations, drawings, specifications, and any other data that are needed to indicate compliance with the governing building code.

What are the Contents of Construction Documents?

The construction document should at least include following components:

1. Drawings

It is important that the structural and architectural drawings be coordinated on a regular basis. The following items are usually included in a typical set of drawings:

2. Material Properties

3. Design Loads

The following design loads and information must be included in the construction documents, as per IBC 1603:

4. Geotechnical information

5. Other Information

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