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Dressing of Stones with Different Finishes for Masonry Works

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What is Dressing of Stones?

Stones obtained from quarrying does not contain required shapes and sizes. So, they are cut into required sizes and shapes with suitable surfaces. This process is called dressing of stones. It is preferable that the stones should be dressed at quarry site which reduces cost of transportation. The weight also gets reduced which is easy for transportation. Stones contain soft surfaces at fresh stage directly after quarrying, so, dressing can be easily done. Dressing of stones provides good appearance to stones and makes them useful for masonry works.

Different Finishes of Stones

Various types of finishes are available for dressing of stones. Use of each finish depends upon the type of work and the variety of finishes are as follows:

Axed Finish of Stones

Axe is used to get the required surface of hard stones like granite etc. This finish is called as axed finish.

Boasted Finish of Stones

Boasted finish is also called as droved finish. This type of finish contains intermittent parallel lines which are horizontal or vertical or inclined. This finish is obtained by a tool called boaster which have an edge of width about 60 mm.

Combed Finish of Stones

Combed finish is suitable for soft stones. Steel comb of sharp teeth is dragged on the surface of soft stone. This is done in all directions of stone surface. This is also called as dragged finish.

Circular Finish of Stones

The surface of stone is made into rounded shape. Circular finished stones are mainly used for columns.

Chisel-Drafted Margins for Stones

Chisel draughted margins are provided on stones which represents uniform joints in stone masonry. These margins may be pitched or square or chamfered. This is done by using chisel.

Molded Finish for Stones

Using machines or tools, stone surfaces are molded into desired shapes which also provide good appearance to the work.

Furrowed Finish for Stones

Furrowed finish has beautiful appearance in which sides are sunk up to 20mm width and the middle portion is projected by 15mm. 10 mm grooves are made on the projected portion. This is used to make the quoins prominent.

Plain Finish for Stones

In case of plain finish, the surface of stone is made very smooth using saw or chisel.

Polished Finish for Stones

Polished finish is provided for marbles, granites etc. which are mostly used as floor tiles. Polishing can be done by hand or machines.

Hammer Dressed Finish for Stones

Hammer dressed finish is adopted to stones which does not contain sharp edges or corners. These types of stones are well suitable for masonry works. Wallerโ€™s hammer is used for finishing. Hammer dressing contains square or rectangular shaped marks.

Rubbed Finish for Stones

Rubbed finish is achieved by rubbing the surface of stone with another hard surface or with suitable machine. The rubbing is fastened by using water and sand.

Reticulated Finish for Stones

Reticulated finish is a special type of finish in which a margin of 20 mm wide is marked on the sides of surface and irregular sinking type finish is made in the middle area. For that sinks also margin of 10 mm wide with 5 mm depth is provided. Finally, dots are marked in the sunk surface using pointing tool.

Punched Finish for Stones

Punched finish is obtained by punching the stone using a machine which depresses the surface of stone and creates hollows and ridges on it.

Tooled Finish for Stones

It is a classic finish which consists parallel continuous marks. The marks may be either horizontal or vertical or inclined. The marking is done by chisel.

Scrabbling Finish for Stones

The irregular projections on stone surface are removed using scrabbling hammer and the resultant rough surface finish is called as scrabbling finish.

Vermiculated Finish for Stones

This is similar to reticulated finish except that the sinking in this case is more curved and is like worm eaten appearance.

Sunk Finish for Stones

Sunk finish is achieved by depressing the original surface into wide groves, marks, inclined surfaces etc.

Quarry Faced Finish for Stones

Quarry faced finished stones are stones which have smooth surface and do not require any dressing. These types of stones are sometimes directly available from quarrying. These are also called as self-faced stones or rock faced stones. Read More: Quarrying of Stones for Construction Works โ€“ Site Selection and Methods
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