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Notwithstanding any provisions provided, in any one of these bye-laws, every factory building or part thereof shall comply with the following additional regulations:

a) Site: The location of every factory site shall be governed by the provisions of the development plan. For cities having no development plans, the factory site shall have to be approved by the authority.

b) Means of escape in case of fire: In the case of factories constructed or converted to use as a factory after the date of enforcement of the these regulations the following additional requirements shall apply:

i. At least two of the stairways provided should be of the fire resisting materials.

ii. No stairway shall be less than 1.2m in width.

iii. All the stairs shall have an unobstructed head room of at least 2.1 m measured vertically above the tread in line with the face of the riser.

iv. In straight treads, the run of the treads shall not be less than 25 cm wide and the rise shall not be more than 18cm high. The width of the tread including nosing shall not be less than 27 cm.

v. No part of a factory building shall be farther than 15 m from any one of the fire escapes.

vi. Every staircase provided above shall be lighted and ventilated from an air space of not less than 3m depth, measured horizontally in case of ground and one upper floor structure, 4.5m in case of ground and two upper and higher structures than this shall not have an air space of less than 6m, provided that the lighting and ventilating area shall not be less than 1 sq.m per floor height.

vii. Every person who undertakes construction of a factory building shall construct lobby, landing corridor or passage included in such work that it shall in no part be less than 1.2 m in width free from encroachment of any kind and its floor shall be of fire-resisting materials and supported by fire-resisting materials.

viii. Every hoist-way or lift-way inside a factory building shall be completely enclosed with fire-resisting materials and means of access to that hoist or lift, shall be fitted with doors of fire-resisting materials, provided that such hoist-way or lift-way shall be enclosed only at the top by some material easily broken by fire or be provided a vent at the top. Escape arrangements should be fully in terms of section 38(7) of the Indian Factories Act,1948.

Abutment of over crowding:

These should be provided at all times for each person employed in any room of the factory at least 3.4 sq.m f the floor space exclusively of that occupied by the machinery and a breathing space of atleast 14 cubic meter.

Height of work Rooms

The internal heights of a work room shall not be less than 4.5 m measured from the floor level to the lowest point in the ceiling.

Percentage of Coverage:

Not more than three-fifths area of the site may be covered subjected to the mandatory open spaces specified as above:

Front area – 7.5 m

Side yard – 3.0 m

Rear yard – 7.5 m


  1. Unfinished buildings: No building should be left with unfinished portions including projecting reinforcing bars, which in the opinion of the authority are unsightly unless within the permission prescribing conditions with respect to the structure and the period for which such permissions remain valid.
  2. Clearing of site: As soon as any building is completed, all rubbish, refuse or debris of any description shall be removed by the owner from the site or sites on which building operations have been carried out or from any adjoining land which may have been used for deposition of debris.
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