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Types of Form Ties Used in Formwork

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Formwork for concrete structures is more important in order to get perfect dimensions of structural parts. Accessories used in formwork will also play a key role in it. Form ties are the important accessories of formwork. Different type of form ties used in formwork are explained below.

What is a Form Tie?

A form tie is an accessory used in formwork, used to hold the concrete wall forms firmly against the lateral pressure of freshly placed plastic concrete. They maintain equal space between the forms which results in uniform thickness of walls.

A form tie contains two parts namely internal tension member and external holding device. Removal of ties after complete hardening of concrete depends upon type of tie used. Some ties can be removable and some are not. Different types of form ties are explained below.

Fig 1: Various Types of Form Ties

Types of Form Ties

Form ties are majorly classified into two types and they are,

Continuous Single Member Type

Continuous Single Member type ties are called as one piece ties. In this type, the whole tie member is a single unit and for holding this when placed in forms, special holding devices are used. After hardening of concrete, some one piece ties can be completely removable, some are removed by breaking.

Various types of continuous single member ties are as follows:

  1. Flat Tie
  2. Loop Tie
  3. Fiberglass Tie
  4. Snap Tie
  5. Taper Tie
  6. Threaded Tie

1. Flat Tie

Fig 2: Flat Tie System

2. Loop Tie

Fig 3: Loop Ties

3. Fiberglass Tie

Fig 4: Fiberglass Tie System

4. Snap Tie

Fig 5: Snap Tie System

5. Taper Tie

Fig 6: Taper Tie System

6. Threaded Tie

Fig 7: Threaded Tie System

Internal Disconnecting Type

In this type of ties, the tie member contain threaded ends so, the external members can be removed without any breaking or pulling. Internal disconnecting ties are classified into two types as follows.

  1. She-Bolt Tie
  2. Coil Tie

1. She-Bolt Tie

Fig 8: She-bolt Tie

2. Coil Tie

Fig 9: Coil Tie System

Load Capacity Range of Different Form Ties

Safe load capacity range values for different types of form ties are tabulated below.

Form Tie Type Safe Load Carrying Capacity Range (lbs.)
Flat tie 1500 – 3000
Loop tie 2250 – 3750
Fiberglass tie 3000 – 7500
Snap tie 2250 – 3350
Taper tie 3000 – 43700
Threaded tie 10000 – 32500
She-bolt tie 3000 – 38000
Coil tie

4500 – 13500
7500 – 27000


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