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Landings in Stairs – Purpose, Location and Standard Dimensions

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What is a Stair Landing?

Landings in a stair is a level floor or platform constructed at a location where the direction of stairs changes, between flights of the stair, or at the top of stair flight. The locations of landings in a stair is shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3.

Fig.1: Landing is provided when the direction of stair changes

Fig.2: Landing is provided between flights of a stair

Fig.3: Stair landing at the top between and bottom of stair flights

What is the Purpose of Stair Landing?

Fig.4: Landing provided to allow stairway to change its direction

What are the cases in which stair landings are needed?

Fig.5: Doorway swing on landing of stairway

Fig.6: Doorway opens on toward the stairway

What the cases in which stair landing can be omitted?

What are the standard dimensions of stair landing?

Fig.7: Width of landing determined based on the stairway they serve

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