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Category : Building Technology Guide

Building technology and construction guide provides information on building and construction materials for different types of construction works.

Fixing Moisture Problems in Concrete slab

Concrete slabs on grade and basement slabs are weak and vulnerable to the detrimental effect of moisture which may lead to various problems. For instance, lifting tile off the floor, rotting hardwood, damping carpet, and coatings delamination.

Bond Beam Block vs. Lintel Block Differences

Bond beam blocks and lintel blocks are concrete units which are used especially for masonry purposes. The differences between both bond beam block and lintel block in terms of their usage, shape, functions etc. are explained in this ...

Fire Bricks – Properties, Types and Uses

A fire brick is a special type of brick made using fire clay and has a good resistance against high temperatures which are used in kilns, lining furnaces, fireplaces and fireboxes. These bricks are manufactured in a ...

6 Sustainable Innovations Shaping Construction

Sustainable innovation is the process in which sustainability considerations including environmental and economy are taken into account from idea generation to research, development, and commercialization. Since construction emit significant quantity of CO2 into air, numerous attempts have been ...