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Category : Building Technology Guide

Building technology and construction guide provides information on building and construction materials for different types of construction works.

Table Form Shuttering- Types, Components, and Advantages

Table Form shuttering is a kind of shuttering specializing in floor concreting and it is widely used in high building and skyscraper, multilayer industrial factory building, substructure, etc. Table shuttering has a simple structure, it is easy to ...

Power-Pole Finisher for Concrete- Types and Uses

The Power-Pole Finisher is a concrete finishing trowel that is used in achieving concrete finishes such as flatwork, decorative concrete and stamping on wet concrete before the initial setting. Extension poles allow the operator to stand outside the formed ...

How to Build Affordable Concrete Homes?

Affordable concrete house construction is needed at current times more than ever before due to population growth, and other factors. The population growth leads to increasing demand for houses which consequently the use of operational energy and embodied ...

10 Structural and Non-structural Applications of Bricks

There are innumerable applications of bricks in the field of Civil engineering. They are widely used as a structural as well as a non-structural(aesthetical) element in construction. When used as a structural member, bricks are used for the ...

Effect of Fire and High Temperature on FRPs

Fire and high temperature influence properties (strength, stiffness, young’s modulus) of FRPs extensively. It is necessary to understand the influence of high temperature and fire in order to consider proper fire protection strategy. Fire performance of FRPs are ...

How Fine Aggregate Affects Mix Design of Concrete?

Fine aggregate is on of the major constituents of concrete which can influence concrete mix design substantially. Various factors such as fine aggregate fineness modulus, moisture content, specific gravity, and silt content affect the mix proportions of concrete. Fineness modulus specifies how ...