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Category : Building Technology Guide

Building technology and construction guide provides information on building and construction materials for different types of construction works.


SLABJACKING The purpose of slab jacking is to raise a slab in place permanently, prevent impact loading, correct faulty drainage, and prevent pumping at transverse joints by injection of a grout under the slab. The grout fills voids under ...


Stone, bricks and concrete are materials that can be used in construction of buildings. Each materials has its own characteristic that makes them different to the other materials. In other word, each of these materials have their own advantages and ...

Tests on Building Stones – Strength and Properties of Stones

There are various tests on building stones to know its properties and suitability for various construction works. Tests on building stones provides physical and chemical properties as well as strength and hardness properties. Tests on Building Stones Following are different tests on building ...


PAINT FAILURE IN BUILDINGS Oil bound paints sometimes fail when used on certain building materials. When an acid and alkali react together, a salt is formed. If the acid is fatty such as linseed oil, then the result is ...


Concrete construction is generally expected to give trouble free service through out its intended design life. However, these expectations are not realized in many constructions because of structural deficiency, material deterioration, unanticipated over loadings or physical damage. Premature material deterioration ...

Inhibitors Admixed Cement for Durable Concrete Construction

Inhibitors added cement is used for construction of durable concrete structures for longer life.The crack formation in concrete structure occurs due to the corrosion of rebar inside the concrete. This occurs because of the surface oxidization of iron rod into ...