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Slate Tile Flooring – Features, Pros and Cons

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Slate flooring is a beautiful and unique tile option that gives a unique character to the interior and exterior spaces of the building. Slate tiles are of mountain origin. Each piece has a unique design and feature that brings an amazing visual appeal when put together. This flooring combines the function of the durability and essence of natural stone to the floor. This article gives some of the essential and practical know-how about slate tiles and slate tile flooring.

Features of Slate Floor Tiles

The slate floor tiles are available in many solid colors and designs that each piece seems to be an earth-born artistry. There are a variety of options available in slate floor tiles to match any decorative style of the space. Some are available in extremely dark and contrasting colors, while some are available in light shades.
Fig.1. Slate Floor Tiling
Slate tiles are the best choice in areas like entryways and kitchen where the floor is more exposed, instead of installing in areas like a bedroom or spaces covered with rugs or carpets.

Cost of Slate Floor Tiles

Slate floor tiles are an upscale flooring material. Its initial cost is prohibitive but contributes high to the real estate value of the entire building.
Fig.2. Varieties of Slate Tiles
Slate tile costs around $5 to $10 per square foot depending on the quality of the materials, and the cost of installation is extra. Due to the high cost of slate tiles, they are installed in most visible rooms or areas of the building.

Maintenance and Repair of Slate Floor Tiling

As Slate tiles are one of the strongest natural stone materials, it gains high property of durability. Slate resit cracks, chipping, weathering actions, or any violent impact. Staining the slate tiles as a regular maintenance can seal the surface, thus preventing stains. An adequately maintained slate flooring can stay new for long, even without the process of staining.  The initial installation of the slate tile requires two coatings of sealant to close the tiny pores present in the stores. Reapply the sealant depending upon the traffic and load on the floor.

Pros of Slate Tiling

  1. The slate tile is a unique and attractive material for flooring
  2. High durability
  3. Increases the real estate value of the building
  4. Slate tile floor works well with radiant heat system
  5. Slate flooring can withstand heavy Loads

Cons of Slate Tiling

  1. The slate flooring is expensive
  2. Repair or replacement of slate flooring is difficult
  3. The installation of slate floor tile needs professional expertise
  4. Proper sealing of the floor is required to prevent the stains.
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