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Top Unique and Creative Ideas for Staircase Design

suspended staircase

suspended staircase

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Design of staircases is now performed in the ways that are vastly different from conventional construction ideas. New principles of modern architecture are now applied to the design of staircases. Instead of simply considering a staircase just as a connection between two floors, it is made with utmost aesthetics so that it complements a building's interior.

The top 5 trendy staircase ideas used in modern construction are briefly enlisted in this article.

1. Floating Stairs

The floating staircase is mostly constructed in an open space so that the beauty of floating steps is seen evidently. It is mainly chosen by the occupants to minimize the supporting structure of the staircase. The main advantage of the floating staircase is that they remove the obstruction, unlike normal staircase construction. This hence helps to increase the living space.

Fig.1. Floating Stairs

2. Ribbon Staircase

This wonderful staircase design is created by Czech Architecture. The structure is made out of steel. As shown in the figure-2, a 10mm sheet of steel is folded and lacquered beautifully to obtain a ribbon form. This staircase looks simple and adapts to the full form minimalism of your home.

Fig.2. Ribbon Stairs

3. Cantilever Stair

A cantilever step is a horizontal structure anchored at one end. These cantilever stairs are independent steps where one end is anchored either to the bearing wall or the stringer beam. It hence provides a floating look.

Fig.3.Cantilever Stairs

4. Hanging or Suspended Staircase

Each step of a suspended staircase system is held by the wires without any other traditional form of support. It utilizes a tension system.

Fig.4. Hanging Stairs

5. Bookshelf Staircase

In this type, the complete stair rise is used as a bookshelf as shown. The stair design, figure-5 below is a unique stair designed by Levitate Architects.

Fig.5. Bookshelf Staircase

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