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Types of Building Maintenance Activities for Durability of Building Structures

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There are different types of building maintenance works carried out for durable building structures. These building maintenance works with special treatments are discussed. The good condition of the building is guaranteed by proper building maintenance. Occasional treatments like whitewashing or painting at certain intervals must be carried out. Certain treatments, major or minor are supposed to be carried out occasionally for the proper life of the building. Performance and services given by the building are not only expected at the early stages of building, but also throughout the expected age of the building. For which essential maintenance is necessary. As we have heard about the proverb, "Prevention is better than cure". Here we can say, "Maintenance is better than cure".

Types of Building Maintenance Works in Daily Routine

There are certain essential daily maintenance necessary, in order to avoid certain extreme problems in the facility. Some of them are explained below:

Cleaning walls and floors

Proper cleaning of walls and floors, possibly every day (depending on the dirt exposure) must be done to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust. If the building has washable paints, it is supposed to clean with water as well.

Cleaning Glass panels and windows

There are certain cleaning liquids that can be employed in glass and woods, that won't affect wood quality. This helps in keeping the glass and wood clean for a lifetime.

Cleaning Wash areas and toilets

Cleaning water closets are essential primarily for hygiene and proper maintenance

Cleaning the Environment

The outside surrounding, the utilities must be cleaned, besides the inside cleanliness.

Special Treatments in Building Maintenance

Certain treatments in special areas must be done at regular intervals for the building maintenance. Some of them are explained below:

Plinth area projection

The projection of plinth area of the building has to be cleaned. The accumulation of dust in this area causes dampness


The cleaning of ventilators provided in the ceiling areas requires regular cleaning, to avoid dirt accumulation. Regular cleaning will help avoid tough cleaning during its extreme stages.

White or color washing

A fresh coat of whitewashing or color washing has to be done for the walls after 1 to 2 years. This mainly depends on the climatic condition exposure and another environment of the building. Using oil paints will help in maintenance be free for 6 to 8 years. Repainting has to be carried out before the old paint starts to degrade. Now exterior and interior paints are differed to avoid the moisture penetration. This makes use of special exterior paints.

Maintenance of doors and windows

Generally, at an interval of 4 years, it is advised to paint the windows as well as the door. This interval depends on the cleaning and usage. The hinges of the doors and windows must be oiled if their opening cause noise.

Maintenance of metal grills and utilities

The cleaning of shutters, painted grills must be done regularly. This will help in having a check on the corrosion. If any rust is found, it must be removed completely with no trace and must be repainted.

Floor Treatment and maintenance

The treatment of floor mainly depends upon the type of floor that is installed. To clean the floor that is of marble made, which is soiled by grease stains is cleaned with the help of chalk dust with acetone paste. This paste is placed overnight which is then cleaned the next day by means of a sponge. The marble floor that has organic stains, like food liquids are cleaned with the help of paste of chalk dust and hydrogen peroxide. This paste helps in the removal of rust stains from the floor. The terrazzo floors having oil and grease are removed with the help of lime powder that is hydrated and the marble dust. Or the use of benzoyl for writing or clear gasoline for 12 hours accompanied by washing, helps in giving a clean terrazzo floor. The PVC floors will have an improvement in its appearance with periodic polishing. The white kerosene oil in linoleum floors helps in clearing the dirt.

Water Carrying Systems

Sumps and overhead water tanks that must be fully hygiene as they are supposed to store water must be cleaned at regular intervals. This interval must not be greater than 3 months.

Tree Root Problem

The tree roots that grow in lateral direction creates problem to the building substructure. The moisture from the underground of the building is taken by these trees causing cracks in the walls of the structure. Now the trees those creates such problem must be removed at early stages. If fully grown trees are present, we must trench along the walls of the building and cut the root. The root cut must be coated with coal tar, to avoid further growth in that direction.

Supply lines

The leakage in water supply lines can be avoided by proper check. The leakage in sewer lines, rainwater pipes, must be sealed at the earliest. These must be opened cleaned and then reassembling must be made.

Electrical utilities

The electrical lines, the related wires, and switches must be checked at regular intervals. Read More:  Building Maintenance Objectives Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services Maintenance of Concrete Structures Maintenance of Steel Structures
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