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Types of Partition Walls for Homes and Offices

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Partition walls are vertical dividers which are used to separate building internal spaces into rooms and circulation areas like corridors. Types of partition walls and their applications are discussed in the following sections. Partition wall types

Types of Partition Walls

Depending upon the material used partition walls may be divided into the following different types:
  1. Brick partitions wall
  2. Clay brick partition wall
  3. Glass partitions wall
  4. Concrete partitions wall
  5. plaster slab partition wall
  6. Metal lath partition wall
  7. A.C. sheet or G.I. sheet partitions wall
  8. wood-wool partition wall
  9. Timber partitions

1. Brick Partition Wall

There are three types of brick partition walls which include plain brick partition wall, reinforced brick partition wall, and brick nogging partition wall.

Plain brick partition wall

Fig. 1: Plain Brick Parition Wall

Reinforced brick partition wall

Fig. 2: Reinforced Brick Partition wall

Brick nogging partition wall

Fig. 3: Timber framework in brick nogging partition wall

Fig. 4: Brick nogging partition wall; bricks are liad flat

Fig. 5: Brick nogging partition wall; bricks are laid on edge

2. Clay brick partition wall

Fig. 6: hollow clay brick units

Fig.7: Hollow Clay Brick Partition wall

3. Glass partition walls

They are cheap, light, and easy in construction and provide reasonable privacy and sound insulation. such walls are constructed from glass sheet or hollow glass blocks which will be discussed below

Glass sheet partition wall

Fig.8: glass sheet partion wall

Hollow glass block partition wall

Fig.9: Glass block partition wall

4. Concrete Partition wall

It consists of concrete slab, plain or reinforced, supported laterally by vertical members. These slabs may be either precast of cast in situ.

Cast in situ concrete partition wall 

Fig.10: Cast in situ concrete partition wall

Precast concrete slab partitions wall 

Fig.11: Precast concrete partition wall

Wall partitions constructed from special precast units

5. Plaster slab partition wall

6. Metal lath partition wall

Fig.13: Metal lath partition wall

7. A.C. Sheet or G.I. Sheet partition wall

Fig.14:Asbestos sheet or GI sheet partition wall

8. Wood-wool partition wall

Fig.15: Wood-wool partition wall

 9. Timber partitions wall

Fig.16:Timber Partition wall

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