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What are Tile Spacers? How to use Tile Spacers?

tile spacers

tile spacers

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Tile spacers are plastic objects either made in T or crossed shapes that are placed between the tiles to maintain a constant and consistent spacing between the tiles. The spacer creates a gap that is filled by grout, which would finally give a symmetrical finish to the surface.

This article explains the essential features of tile spacers and the steps to use it.

Features of Tile Spacers

Fig.1. Tile Spacers Placed for Wall Tiles

Enlisted below are some of the important features of tile spacers:

  1. Tile spacers are available in the market from width sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm.
  2. Lightweight and sturdy plastic is the primary material for tile spacer production.
  3. The selection of tile spacers depends on the personal preference and the standards.
  4. Proper tile spacing with the help of tile spacers allows free movement of tile to consider the stress relief.
  5. In general, the spacers used for walls takes a minimum value of 2mm, and the floor spacers make a size of 3mm.

How to use Tile Spacers

At first, place the tiles on the prepared surface with a layer of adhesive. Now place the spacers at each corner of the tile. Place the tile spacers directly on the tile corners and push the tile together until the spacer entirely holds to each edge of the tile. This process helps to ensure an equal gap between each tile.

Fig.2. Placing Tile Spacers

The number of tile spacers used is equal to the number of tiles multiplied by four. It is recommended to buy a little extra to account for any damage or loss of spacers during the laying process.

Another critical point to remember while using tile spacers is their removal. Remove the tile spacers before they get stuck with the underlying mortar or the adhesive. Tile spacers should be removed 20 to 30 minutes after the adhesive sets with the tile.

Benefits of Using Tile Spacers

The essential benefits of using tile spacers are:

  1. Tile spacers enable the floor to have straight and even grout spacings.
  2. Enables to measure the tile while laying out, labeling them, and while cutting them.
  3. The floor gets a professional and beautiful finish
  4. The use of tile spacers protects the integrity of the tile floors.

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