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Civil Engineering

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Building materials and Construction

What are the dimensions of the standard brick?
What are thin shell roofs? Why are they becoming popular?
Name the different types of retaining walls

Structural Analysis

What is buckling or crippling load?
Define slenderness ratio. What is its effect on design of compression members?
What is meant by specific yield and specific retention?
Shear force and BM diagrams for different types of loadings on beams

Mechanics of structures

Differentiate between bending moment and twisting moment
Differentiate between mild steel and HYSD bars
Differentiate between proof resilience and modulus of resilience
What is meant by strain energy?

Fluid Mechanics

What is a spillway?
What is total energy line?
What is a flow net? Discuss its uses
Why isn’t a venturimeter used commonly for measuring discharge in houses?
What is critical hydraulic gradient?
Differentiate between weir, notch and barrage

Geotechnical Engineering

What is geosynthetics? Mention its applications in civl engineering field
What do you understand by 80/100 bitumen?
Which is commonly used-bitumen or tar? Why?
What are the precautions to be taken for construction in marshy soil?
What is the relation between submerged unit weight and submerged weight?
What are the different types of foundations adopted for different soils?
What is differential settlement?
Discuss the importance of Attenbug’s limits in soil engineering
Differentiate between activity and sensitivity of soils
Differentiate between soil stabilization and ground improvement
How does machine foundation differ from an ordinary foundation?
What is the permanent solution applied for the restoration of leaning Tower of Pisa?

Reinforced Concrete Structures

What is pre stressed concrete? What are its ingredients?
What do 53 stand for in 53-grade cement?
How do you construct a 25 storey building with no columns?
What are the loads to be considered for the design of bridges?
Differentiate between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning
What is the L/D ratio of a cantilever beam?
What type of dam is the Idukki dam? Give its details and peculiarity

Transportation Engineering

What is camber?
What is cutback bitumen? What are its special uses?
Draw a typical C.S. of a permanent way
What does IRC stand for?
Define angularity number and give practical applications
What material as ballast would you suggest for a high speed track? Why?
What is the usual width of a single lane and a double lane road?

Environmental Engineering

Distinguish between slow and rapid sand filters
What is super chlorination?
What is canopy?
Differentiate between BOD and COD
Advanced Construction and Construction Technology
What is batching? Differentiate between volume and weight batching
How is underwater concreting carried out?
What are the forces involved in underwater construction?
What do 20 stand for in M20 mix concrete?

Engineering Geology

What is littoral drift?
Differentiate between faults and folds


How is a theodolite leveled?
What are advantages of electronic theodolite over transit theodolite?
Give the standard lengths of chains used in surveying
What is a benchmark? Name the different types

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