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How to Effectively Manage Time and Activity to Boost Your Productivity?

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Almost 96% of the population do not know how to manage their time and work activities effectively and increase their productivity. Most of them plan daily, make their schedules, and put timing hours to each activity they want to work on, and most of the time, they fail to implement it.

First of all, let us understand what productivity actually means. Productivity is the efficiency with which we work, i.e., the work done by us divided by the number of hours. If we are getting less work done in 8 hours of our work, our productivity is less, and if we can do more, then our productivity increases.

You must know that the time here is limited. The only thing that we can work on is getting things done or completing the number of activities.

In my case, let us say I am writing 2 articles per day in 8 hours of my work. But then, I realized that I am not utilizing most of the time by not focusing on the activities that I need to do. Then, I try to overcome my shortcomings and then focus a little more on my work, and now I can write 3 articles in my 8 hours of work, then my productivity has increased.

Again, if I look at my activities, there are even more chances of improvement, and then I improve my activity management, and now I can write 4 articles per 8 hours of my work. Now, my productivity has doubled than my previous productivity by just realizing how to manage my activities.

From the above example, you can understand that time is limited or fixed. The only thing that we can work on is getting things done or complete the activities.

Ways of Increasing Productivity

Productivity can be increased based on the type of activities that we do in our workplace or student life and it can be done in two ways:

  1. Timetable wise
  2. Activity wise

Timetable wise of activity is mostly used by students, colleges, schools, and anyone whose current day activity is the continuation of the previous day activity. These continue for a long time. There is the common name for these activities (e.g., studying a book), and a fixed number of hours is allocated for it daily.

While the activity-wise method of making your schedule deals with only those activities or part of the activity which is well defined and should be completed on the particular day or today. In that case, we complete each activity one by one. We do not move to the next activity unless the current activity is complete, and we do not know how much the exact time the activity may take.

If you are a student, you can use the timetable wise method of planning and scheduling your activities. Once you plan your activities, decide that you will follow your schedules, and complete each activity as per time. If you miss any of your activity or overrun your time, make sure to complete all other activities as well, even if you have exceeded your allotted time. This will make you more and more productive as you follow the timetable regularly, and soon you will be able to complete your work in the allotted time.

While you are working with the activity-wise method, then you need to first decide and make a list of activities for the day. This list of activities should be made based on your weekly or monthly targets or activities.

Steps for Effective Time Management

  1. Before you leave the workplace, prepare a list of activities to be done tomorrow.
  2. Do not put any timeline for the completion of these activities.
  3. Arrange the activities in the order of their priority.
  4. Write this list on a sheet of paper and carry it in your pocket.
  5. The next day, when starting your work, start with your first work.
  6. While working on the first activity, forget about all other activities and focus on the first activity only.
  7. Only after completing your first activity, move on to the second activity.
  8. While working on the second activity, forget about all the other activities you have on the list.
  9. Only after completing the second activity, move on to the next.
  10. Follow this method for all activities. While you are working on one activity, do not think about all other activities. Just focus on the current.
  11. Do not get distracted by anything that is of no importance.
  12. Say NO to people who may disturb you or waste your time.

Focussing on the current activity you are working on will increase your concentration, and you will be less distracted. This will get you things done quicker than you were doing previously. In this way, your productivity for doing the activity increases.

Initially, you may not be able to follow the guidelines above completely, but even then, do it the way mentioned. When you follow the steps outlined above, initially you may find it hard to incorporate, but as you practice it daily, you will change your paradigm and you will make it a habit to work like this.

Once this working method becomes your habit, you will enjoy more success due to increased productivity. You will be able to provide more and better products and services, and if you are a student, you will be able to study more efficiently. All these steps will increase your performance, confidence and you will get better results all the time.


Follow the worksheet and make your timetable or activity list. Do this worksheet every day. Initially, it will be difficult to follow, and you may think I know everything about managing my activities, and why should I follow these?

But believe me, once you start to follow this worksheet, within a week, you will be amazed to see your productivity going high, and if you continue to work on this worksheet, you will be way ahead of your own deadlines every time.

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