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Dear Civil Engineering Students,

In India, Engineering education is mostly theoretical and there is not much practical exposure to students. Having this practical exposure would help the students become more employable and industry-ready.

I am glad to introduce you to Civil Simplified – started by a few graduates of IIT Kanpur who have taken up the challenge to change this and improve skills of Civil Engineering students making them more skillful and employable. ‘Learn Civil Practically!’ is the vision of Civil Simplified working to bridge the gap between industry requirements and what academia offers.

Civil Simplified

They offer tailor made courses/workshops that would equip young Indian students with the skills and knowledge related to various aspects of Civil Engineering. Through these courses, they feel that complicated topics of civil engineering can be taught to students in an interesting way by giving hands-on experience.

Such practical training sessions would be very useful and help students to understand the applications of theory in solving real industry problems. Most of the employers tend to recruit people with practical skills, so these kinds of hands-on trainings will open up new avenues and better opportunities for students.

Civil Simplified currently offers courses on:

  • Design of Tall Buildings
  • Seismic Design of Buildings
  • Applications of GIS
  • Bridge Design, Fabrication & Testing

Design Courses at "Civil Simplified"

They currently have some upcoming workshops in Hyderabad, Vadodara, Delhi, Trichy & Kanpur. You can visit for more details.