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Benefits of Using Steel Fibers in Concrete

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Benefits of Using Steel Fibers in Concrete

The use of steel fiber in concrete can improve its many properties. The benefits of using steel fibres in concrete are as follows: 1. Steel Fibers are generally distributed throughout a given cross section whereas reinforcing bars or wires are placed only where required 2. Steel fibers are relatively short and closely spaced as compared with continuous reinforcing bars of wires. 3. It is generally not possible to achieve the same area of reinforcement to area of concrete using steel fibers as compared to using a network of reinforcing bars of wires. 4. Steel Fibers are typically added to concrete in low volume dosages (often less than 1%), and have been shown to be effective in reducing plastic shrinkage cracking. 5. Steel Fibers typically do not significantly alter free shrinkage of concrete, however at high enough dosages they can increase the resistance to cracking and decrease crack width (Shah, Weiss, and Yang 1998).

Steel Fibers in Concrete can improve:

Benefits of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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