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The Enhanced Use Of Expanded Clay Aggregate Would Be The Future Of Construction Industry

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The use of expanded clay is expected to bring a revolution in the construction industry. It can be added as an initiative towards a step taken to curb down the impact of global warming. This innovative concept should be made a point to raise awareness amongst people in regard to the benefits of using expanded clay through an increased number of suppliers in a particular town or country. The expanded clay suppliers deliver the expanded clay balls as per the size requirement of the customer.

Benefits of expanded clay balls

The expanded clay aggregate balls are made of clay heated at one specific high degree temperature in a rotary kiln. The reason for this process is to make it durable for the use of it in construction as well as several other fields. During its making a honeycomb structure is formed which allows water retention in the pebbles, making it stronger to withstand the pressure. There are several benefits of using expanded clay aggregate balls; some of them are as mentioned below:

1. Completely reusable

The expanded clay balls can be reused an ample number of times which can lead to reduced cost.

2. Light Weight

The properties of it make it light-weight, in turn, making it easy to carry in larger quantities at one go.

3. High Compressive Strength

The structure of expanded clay aggregate balls helps works as one of the highest pressure engrossing agents in the construction industry today.

4. Honeycombed structure of Interconnecting voids

Its structure steals the show as it works as one of the best pressure resistant, fire resistant, with extraordinary thermal and sound insulation properties.

5. Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly

The making of expanded clay aggregate does not lead to the emission of any harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methane, propane, etc. that results in non-polluting the atmosphere. It is a natural product and non-combustible by nature.

6. Good water absorption

Its water absorption quality makes the construction stronger. The flexibility of the structure makes it earthquake proof.

7. Highly preferred

The use of expanded clay aggregate is highly preferred in comparison to other aggregates as it has great resistance against the acidic and alkaline substance. This leads to chemical resistance and insect protection.

The changing perception of the construction industry

Unlike other industries, the construction industry is also making its move towards the Go-Green concept. This industry has been constantly evolving with ongoing revolutionary changes in construction wherein it has been responsible for the damage of natural resources on the higher side. The realization has sooner compelled them to take timely measures and the invention of expanded clay aggregate is one such outcome of it. The construction industry in recent years has designed several buildings keeping environment protection as their central criteria. A specific notification has been made in growing trees around the structure being constructed as well as within the premises wherever it is made possible. This evolving change is expected to make a greater contribution to saving planet earth.

Several uses of expanded clay balls

The use of expanded clay balls can be easier than even thought for. There are companies in India manufacturing expanded clay balls and export to the customers as well as businesses in the other countries like the United States, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, etc. The usage of expanded clay balls has gained popularity worldwide. As observed, the use of expanded clay balls for the below-mentioned projects has proved cost-effective than the use of other aggregates: Also Read: Benefits of Using Concrete Pump in Construction Project 10 Tips to Help You Bid Smartly and Win Construction Projects
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