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Methods of Finishing Hardened Concrete Surface

Finishing hardened concrete surface

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Finishing hardened concrete surface is carried out just after the removal of formwork to achieve finely finished surface. There are various methods and equipment that have been used to finish concrete surface. These finishing dried concrete surface techniques and equipment is presented.

Methods of Finishing Hardened Concrete Surface

1. Dry Grinding Finishing Method

Fig. 1: Finishing hardened concrete (dry grinding method)

Fig. 2: Finishing concrete surface using stand-up edger; drying grinding

2. Wet Rubbing Finishing Method

Fig. 3: Finishing hardened concrete (wet rubbing method)

Finally, it is possible to use conventional rotary trowel for both dry grinding and wet rubbing by changing blades with grinding brick as illustrated in Fig. 5:

Fig. 4: Conventional rotary trowel with brick grinding replaces blades

3. Hand Rubbing Bricks

This technique used previously, but its application declined because it is found to be slow and costly for large areas.
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