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Grouting Procedure for Repair of Cracks in Concrete Structures

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Grouting is a method of filling up and repair of cracks in concrete. Step by step grouting procedure needs to be followed for effective repair of concrete cracks.

Grouting Procedure for Repair of Cracks in Concrete Structures:

Procedure of grouting for repair of concrete cracks in structures are: 1. Holes¬† are¬† drilled¬† in¬† structure¬† along¬† cracks¬† and¬† in¬† an¬† around¬† hollow spots. 2.If¬† there¬† are¬† several¬† cracks,¬† holes¬† can¬† be¬† drilled¬† in¬† a staggered¬† manner¬† at¬† 500¬† to¬† 750mm¬† spacing¬† in¬† both¬† directions covering¬† adequately¬† the¬† area¬† proposed¬† to¬† be¬† grouted.¬† Holes spacing¬† can¬† be¬† altered¬† as¬† per¬† site¬† conditions. 3. G.I.¬† pieces¬† (12¬† to¬† 20mm¬† dia¬† x¬† 200mm)¬† with¬† one¬† end¬† threaded¬† or PVC nozzles are fixed in the holes with rich cement mortar. 4. All¬† the¬† cracks¬† and¬† annular¬† space¬† around¬† G.I.¬† pipes¬† are¬† sealed¬† with rich¬† cement¬† mortar. 5. All¬† the¬† cracks¬† are¬† cut¬† open¬† to¬† a¬† ‚ÄėV‚Äô¬† shaped groove, cleaned & sealed with rich cement mortar. 6. All¬† the¬† grout¬† holes¬† should¬† be¬† sluiced¬† with¬† water¬† using¬† the¬† same equipment¬† a¬† day¬† before¬† grouting¬† as¬† per¬† following¬† sequence;¬† so¬† as to saturate the masonry. All holes are first plugged with proper wooden plugs or locked in the case¬† of¬† PVC¬† nozzles.¬† The¬† bottom¬† most¬† plug¬† and¬† the¬† two¬† adjacent plugs¬† are¬† removed¬† and¬† water¬† injected¬† in¬† the¬† bottom¬† most¬† hole under¬† pressure. When¬† the¬† clear¬† water¬† comes¬† out¬† through¬† the adjacent holes the injection of water is stopped and the plugs in the bottom¬† most¬† hole¬† and¬† the¬† one¬† immediately¬† above¬† are¬† restored. The¬† process of grouting of concrete cracks is¬† repeated¬† with¬† other¬† holes¬† till¬† all¬† the¬† holes¬† are covered.¬†On¬† the¬† day¬† of¬† grouting¬† all¬† the¬† plugs¬† are¬† removed¬† to¬† drain out excess water and restored before commencing grouting. The same sequence as described above is adopted for injecting the cement¬† grout¬† also.¬† The¬† grout¬† is¬† kept¬† fully¬† stirred/¬† agitated¬† under pressure¬† throughout¬† the¬† grouting. The¬† grouting¬† is¬† carried¬† out¬† till refusal¬† and/¬† or¬† till¬† grout¬† starts¬† flowing¬† from¬† the¬† adjacent¬† hole.¬† A proper record of the quantity of grout injected into every hole should be maintained. After grouting, curing should be done for14 days. Tell tales are provided for checking the effectiveness of grouting. Only such quantities of material for preparing grout should be used, as can be used within 15 minutes of its mixing.¬†Grouting equipment must be cleaned thoroughly after use.

Fig: Grouting Procedure for Concrete Cracks Repair

Precautions during Grouting of Cracks in Concrete :

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