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Applications of High-Performance Concrete in Civil Engineering

High Performance Concrete Applications in Civil Engineering

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There are several applications of high-performance concrete in the field of civil engineering due to its superior properties such as high strength and good durability.

The high-performance concrete has been used in the construction of bridges, hydropower structures, pavements, bridges, high-density radiation shielding, mass concrete projects, offshore platforms noise and vibration dampening, tunnels, and high-rise structures.

High-Performance Concrete Applications in Civil Engineering Constructions

1. High Rise Structures

The use of high-performance concrete in the constructions of high-rise buildings leads to the reduction of dead load, deflection, vibration, and maintenance concrete.

Fig. 1: High-performance Concrete Used in Tall Building

2. Bridges

The use of high-performance concrete in the construction of bridge structures provides several structural improvements. For instance, it improves the durability of the structures and hence increases their life span.

Moreover, longer span prestressed concrete girders can be constructed when high-performance concrete is employed. This is because such concrete results in a smaller loss in pre-stress and consequently larger permissible stress and smaller cross-section being achieved.

Furthermore, the construction of smaller sizes of structural elements leads to weight reduction, and hence handling would be economical. The chloride resistance of the structure is enhanced because of the use of pozzolanic materials such as silica fume and fly ash.

Fig. 2: High-performance Concrete Used in Flyover Construction

3. Highway Pavements

Application of high-performance concrete in highway pavements is greatly advantageous due to the potential economic benefits that can be derived from the early strength gain of high-performance concrete, reduced permeability, improved abrasion resistance to steel studded tires, and enhanced freeze-thaw durability. The high-performance concrete can also be used to repair damaged pavement since it can be put into service quickly.

Fig. 3: Highway Construction Using High-performance Concrete

4. Hydropower Structures

High-performance concrete has been used for lining spillway, diversion tunnel, headrace tunnel, slit flushing tunnel, tailrace tunnel to increase the performance of these structures in handling high velocities of water and a large amount of silt. The use of High-Performance concrete has resulted in lesser repairs, on one hand, and increased durability, on the other hand.

Fig. 4: Construction of Spillway Using High Performance Concrete

5. Miscellaneous Applications

Steel fibers can be added to high-performance concrete to improve mechanical properties such as dynamic and static tensile strength, energy abrasion and toughness, and fatigue resistance.

Fiber-reinforced concrete has been employed in several applications, for example- pavement overlays, floor slabs, thin shells, rock slope stabilization, and many precast products.

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