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All You Need To Know About the Uses Of Concrete Slabs

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Concreters primarily have to mix, pour, and finish concrete. They pour concrete bases for floors, footpaths, bridges, and other elements. But they also make sure that the structures are robust and durable.

Individual prerequisites for a concreter

Undertakings and obligations of concreters

When it comes to modern buildings, concrete slabs are known as one of the most common structural elements used in the construction processes. The thicker versions of these slabs can be seen commonly used while constructing floors and ceilings. Then you have the leaner ones or the mud slabs, which are perfect for exterior paving. In multiple industrial and domestic buildings, thicker slabs are used. These are supported by the subsoil or the foundations directly for constructing the ground flooring.

In some high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, leaner slabs are hung or suspended between the steel frames from ceilings and floors on every level. Apart from the points mentioned already, there are multiple other uses of the concrete slab while building the commercial building or residential structure. Some contractors rely on these slabs for their aesthetic values, mainly in contemporary designs.

Different Types of Slabs

If you think about it, concrete slabs are divided into multiple types or categories. Each one has its share of pros and cons attached to them. So, before you proceed further towards any type of concrete slab for your construction work, make sure to get in touch with their features first. It will help you to make the right choice among the masses.

The Flat Slab

It is mainly known as the reinforced slab, which is supported by the columns or caps directly. There is no need to use the beams for the same. This form of the slab is quite easy to construct and needs very little formwork. So, if you are looking for a typical example with less maintenance from your side, a flat slab might be the one for you.

Solid Slab Raft

This is one type of shallow foundation formed by reinforcing concrete slabs that covers a wider area, mainly the entire building’s footprint. These concrete slabs spread the load as imposed by various walls, columns, and large areas. It can also be considered to float on the ground in the same way as a raft floats on water. These slabs are mainly used for lightweight buildings on expansive or weak soils like peat or clay.

Conventional Slabs

This form of slab is mainly supported with columns and beams with load transferred to those elements. There are two ways in which the conventional slabs are classified. One is the one-way slab, which is supported by beams on two opposite sides. Then you have the conventional two-way slab. It is supported by beams on all four major sides, carrying loads across both directions.

Waffle slab

Such concrete slabs consist of square grids with deeper sides. It resembles the waffle shape that is used where large spans are needed without interfering with the columns. Waffle slabs are also quite capable of supporting greater load than any of the conventional slabs out there.

Hollow-core Ribbed Slab

This form of slab is known for having longitudinal cores or voids running through it. It decreases the weight of slabs along with the amount of concrete needed for it. These concrete slabs also function well as service ducts. You can reinforce this slab with longitudinal rebar, which will procure long spans. That makes it suitable for multi-storey car parks, office buildings, etc.

Final Words

Based on all the points mentioned above, make sure to check out the different types of concrete slabs available and then choose the one that seems to match your requirement the most. In the end, it is all about creating that strong foundation for the building.

Always ensure to do good research before hiring concreter contractor. Hiring any random person for the concreting task can deliver unexpected results. The concreter that you choose should have specific interpersonal skills that come into play as well.

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