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Category : Concrete Technology

Concrete technology guide provides information on materials, properties, mix design, types, strength and durability of concrete.

Methods of Bridge Column Casing -Properties, Details and Uses

The purpose of providing bridge column casing is to improve ductility, shear and flexural capacity of the column and occasionally restricting bridge column radial dilating strain at plastic hinge areas. There are different methods employed for bridge column casing such as ...

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Direct Design of Concrete Pipes for Sewer Sanitary

There are three methods for the design of concrete pipes for use in sewer sanitary. Direct design of method of concrete pipes, its applicability and criteria are discussed. Generally, there are three major approaches including standard installation direct design, standard installation ...

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Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete and its Mix, Features and Uses

Architectural concrete provides higher aesthetic finish and serves the structural function for a building. Mix proportions, features and uses of architectural cast-in-place concrete is discussed. History of Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete The first use of architectural concrete was recognized at the Corbusier’s Carpenter ...

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