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Power-Pole Finisher for Concrete- Types and Uses


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The Power-Pole Finisher is a concrete finishing trowel that is used in achieving concrete finishes such as flatwork, decorative concrete and stamping on wet concrete before the initial setting. Extension poles allow the operator to stand outside the formed area while finishing the concrete.

Fig 1: Power-Pole Finisher.

Types of Power-Pole Finisher

The differentiation of Power trowels is done by the way in the way they are controlled-

1. Ride-on Power Trowels

This type of power trowel has an operator sitting on a seat upon the machinery and controlling the power trowel with the necessary buttons.

Fig 2: Ride-on Power Trowels

As the operator is seated on the machine, the weight of machine and operator becomes heavy, in this case, the finishing works cannot be initiated while the concrete in fresh state. Once the initial setting time is completed, the ride-on power trowel is used to finish the concrete surface as per the desired finish.

2. Walk-behind Power Trowels

It is controlled by an operator walking behind the machine. This machine has finishing blades and a pole to maneuver the machine. It is so light lightweight it can be placed on a wet surface even before the concrete has chemically cured enough to support the weight of a person or a heavy machine.

Fig 3: Walk-behind Power trowel.

The rotation of the blades and the gas-powered engine create vibration forcing the aggregate down and bringing mortar to the surface. The speed of the blades can be adjusted which gives you a lot of control a low gear reduction transmission transfers more power to the blades extra weights can be added to achieve different finishes.

Standard Features/Specifications of Power-Pole Finisher

Fig 4: Power pole finisher parts

Advantages Power Pole Finisher

  1. It is designed so lightweight it will be placed directly on the wet concrete surface and start finishing work.
  2. The rotation of blades and gas power engine creates vibrations which eliminate tamping in wet concrete.
  3. The maneuvering pole can be extended up to 30feet.
  4. It does not require skilled mason for operating.
  5. The aggregate is forced down bringing the mortar to the surface, which has a good leveling and finishing effect.
  6. It eliminates wiping out knee-board marks and footprints.
  7. It can be used on any concrete surface like house slab, commercial buildings, etc
  8. It is lightweight, which makes it easy for transportation and storing.
  9. It does not require many personal to complete the job.
  10. It saves time, money, knees and your back!

Application of Power-Pole Finisher

It works great on any flatwork and is ideal for decorative concrete, stamping, epoxy, polymers, rubber products and special textures and finishes that cannot be achieved with a heavy machine.

Fig 5: Power pole finisher used in roof finishing works.

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