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Portland Pozzolana Cement – Manufacture, Properties and Uses

Portland Pozzolana cement is integrated cement which is formed by synthesising OPC cement with pozzolanic materials in a certain proportion. It is commonly known as PPC cement. In this article we discuss about the properties, manufacture, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages ...

How to Check Quality in Concrete Construction

Quality of the concrete plays an important role in the construction field as the concrete is the excessive element in any construction. The strength parameters such as durability, load bearing strength and resistance to environmental factors such as wind, snow ...

What Factors Affects Air Content of Concrete?

Generally, concrete is required to be air entrained event if it is not exposed to freezing and thawing due to important benefits that concrete enjoys in other ways such as improving concrete workability.Concrete air entrainment is not an easy process ...

What is the Basis for Selection of Concrete Mix Proportions?

The decision on selecting concrete mixture proportion is the process of optimizing number of favored properties based on the requirements of the project. In the following sections, the basis for selection of concrete mixture proportions will be discussed. Basis ...

M40 Grade Concrete Mix Design as per ACI Method

M40 grade stands for it’s a mix of concrete with a characteristic compressive strength of 40 N/mm2. The mix design procedure for M40 grade concrete as per ACI Method is discussed. M40 Grade Concrete Mix Design Procedure 1. ...

Methods of Pouring Concrete as per Recommendations of ACI 304R-00

Concrete pouring is a crucial process which not only needs properly qualified persons but also considerable focus and concentrations. Almost all codes have established certain specifications to ensure proper concrete pouring and prevent its segregation.In this article, correct concrete pouring ...