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Special Concrete in Construction

Special concrete are concrete for special purpose for increased strength and durability for various construction applications.

Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Concrete – Properties, Applications, Advantages

What is Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Concrete? Self cleaning concrete is produced by adding catalytic material to the concrete mixture. It is a new construction material that...

What is Stamped Concrete? Features, Methods and Procedures of Stamping Concrete

Stamped concrete is a very intelligent and innovative innovation in concrete widely applied for floor in patios, car porch, driveways and sidewalks. Features, methods and procedure of stamping of concrete is discussed.

Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Construction for Slabs-on-Ground

Shrinkage compensating concrete is an expansive concrete that expands by an amount equal or greater than the volume change anticipated for drying shrinkage.

What is Guniting? Procedure, Applications and Advantages of Guniting

Guniting is a process used in construction for repair, rehabilitation and slope stabilization purpose. Procedure, applications and advantages of guniting is discussed.

Architectural Cast-in-Place Concrete and its Mix, Features and Uses

Architectural concrete provides higher aesthetic finish and serves the structural function for a building. Mix proportions, features and uses of architectural cast-in-place concrete is discussed.

Polymer Impregnated Concrete -Applications and Properties of Polymers in Concrete

Polymer impregnated concrete consists of polymers or epoxies to impart special properties to concrete.Applications of Polymers in concrete is discussed.

Polymer Modified Concrete -Types, Properties and Applications in Construction

Polymer modified concrete is concrete with polymers to modify properties of hardened concrete. Types, properties and applications of PMC is discussed.

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