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Test for Bleeding of Concrete

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The relative quantity of mixing water, which will bleed from fresh concrete mix can be determined by the test for bleeding of concrete.

Test for Bleeding of Concrete


Apparatus and accesory required for bleeding test of concrete are as follows:

  1. Cylindrical container
  2. Weighing scale
  3. Pipette
  4. Tamping bar
  5. Graduated cylinder
Fig 1: Apparatus of Test for Bleeding of Concrete

1. Cylindrical Container

container used for this test is made of steel and has a capacity of 0.01 m3. The inside diameter and the inside height of the cylinder 250 mm and 280 mm respectively.

2. Weighing Scale

Digital weighing scale of accuracy up to 0.005 is required for weighing specimen samples.

3. Pipette

Pipette is used to draw off the bleed water from specimen.

4. Tamping bar

bar used in this test is a rounded steel bar of diameter 16 mm and 610 mm length.

5. Graduated Cylinder

Graduated cylinder of 100 cm3 is required to measure the water quantity.

Test Procedure


Bleeding water % = (B/W) X 100 --------- Equation (1)

Where   B = Total quantity of bleeding water

                W = Total quantity of water in the concrete mix


Bleeding water percentage of net mixing water contained with in the test specimen is,

Where, D = Total mass of bleeding water, Kg

                w = Net mass of water (total water – water absorbed by aggregates)

                S = Total mass of concrete mix

                W = Total mass of water in the mix

Equation (2) is more accurate than equation (1), since water absorbed by aggregates is considering here.


Bleeding water percentage for the given concrete mix = _______ %

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