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Concrete Types in Construction

Various types of concrete for different purpose, their mix proportions, properties, strength and durability and uses in construction.

Heat Resistant Concrete or Refractory Concrete -Installation and Applications

Heat resistant concrete or refractory concrete have properties of handling extreme temperatures. Installation and applications of heat resistant refractory concrete is discussed.

Sprayed Concrete -Properties, Materials and Uses in Construction

Sprayed concrete is also called as gunite or shotcrete is used for rapid concrete construction. Properties, materials and applications of sprayed concrete is discussed.

Process of Sprayed Concrete Mix -Methods, Equipments And Advantages

Sprayed concrete mix process consists of dry mix and wet mix. Methods, equipments and advantages of these mix processes of sprayed concrete is discussed.

Foam Concrete -Materials, Properties, Advantages and Production Methods

Foamed concrete is a lightweight concrete consisting of foam. Materials, properties, advantages and production methods of foamed concrete is discussed.

Characteristics of Rice Husk Ash Concrete – Workability, Strength and Admixtures

Characteristics of rice husk ash concrete such as workability, strength, setting times and effects of concrete admixtures on its properties are discussed.

Highly Reactive Metakaolin Concrete – Properties and Applications

The reactivity of metakaolin is based on chemical composition and reactive surface. Highly reactive metakaolin has become available as a considerably reactive pozzolanic material...

Stamped Concrete and Its Preparation and Construction Methods

Stamped concrete is a concrete which gives similar appearance to bricks, tiles, or wood etc., after stamping or texturing or patterning. Stamped concrete is generally used for sidewalks, driveways inside house, pool decks, interior flooring etc. to give aesthetic appearance.

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