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Category : Concrete Types in Construction

Various types of concrete for different purpose, their mix proportions, properties, strength and durability and uses in construction.

Applications of High Performance Lightweight Concrete

High performance lightweight concrete is produced by carefully mixing specified amount of cement, sand, lightweight aggregate, different pozzolans such as fly ash, silica fume, shale, metakaolin, calcined clay and superplasticizer.Various applications of high performance lightweight concrete are discussed.

Sprayed Concrete -Properties, Materials and Uses in Construction

Sprayed concrete is also called as guinite or shotcrete is used for rapid concrete construction. Properties, materials and applications of sprayed concrete is discussed.Stabilization and support for the structures can be attained with best quality and performance with the help ...

Highly Reactive Metakaolin Concrete – Properties and Applications

The reactivity of metakaolin is based on chemical composition and reactive surface. Highly reactive metakaolin has become available as a considerably reactive pozzolanic material in concrete.This type of material is not like other admixtures for example fly ash, blast furnace ...

Stamped Concrete and Its Preparation and Construction Methods

What is Stamped Concrete? Stamped concrete is a concrete which gives similar appearance to bricks, tiles, or wood etc., after stamping or texturing or patterning. Stamped concrete is generally used for sidewalks, driveways inside house, pool decks, interior flooring ...