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How are Drones Changing the Construction Industry?

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Drones are one of the cutting-edge technologies of the modern world. Every industry has started incorporating the use of drones and is benefiting from this technological breakthrough. The construction industry has also adopted its usage in numerous ways. It has started employing drones in different stages of a construction project, ranging from surveying the land to providing a warranty for the completed project. In this article, we have discussed ten ways drones will transform the construction industry in the near future:

1. Leverage in Bidding

Using drones for preliminary survey will provide real-time data, which would make the estimation process easier. The high definition images provided by drones will serve better than other inferior images obtained from old topological reports. These applications will be advantageous for the contractor and will be favorable during the bidding process.

2. Improved Surveillance

The drone's ability to get a bird's eye view elevates the entire process of surveying. Drones can survey a piece of land in just 30 minutes, whereas a conventional method can take up to weeks. This helps save time and money and, in turn, makes the contractor's bid more competitive.

3. Cut and Fills

With the high definition images provided by drones, the cut and fill calculations can be completed within seconds. These images can be incorporated into specific software to deduce the volume for reduction and fill. These images can also be converted to vector format and used in AutoCAD or Rivet. This saves time and makes the process faster and straightforward. The high-end software will convert the images into a data hub consisting of 3D models and digital elevation models.

4. Safety of Workers

Drones can access locations that are potentially dangerous to construction workers. They can also collect data from hazardous areas that would have otherwise been fatal to workers.

5. Theft Prevention

The constant monitoring of sites through drones will provide a massive amount of data regarding the construction materials. Any material being stolen can be easily found using drones. Moreover, a construction site using drones will discourage anyone from committing theft.

6. Supply Chain Monitoring

Drones will provide accurate data of the construction materials reaching the site. The data regarding the delivery of the materials can be accessed easily and can prevent disagreements between the involved parties. This will ensure smooth monitoring of the supply chain.

7. Tracking of Project Progress

Drones can send regular updates of the construction site to the project manager, allowing them to track the progress of the project. Any changes in the pace of the project can be notified on time. This prevents additional expenses due to project delays and helps the contractor be more competitive by facilitating on-time completion of the project.

8. Simplified Project Reporting

Reporting the progress of the project with drone photos will be more appealing to the clients. Explaining any details regarding the project will also be simplified with the help of these images. Real-time drone images from different angles or a video report will be more convincing than a conventional report.

9. Detection of Leaks

Thermal imaging sensor feature in drones will be able to detect any leaks in the building. A final thermal imaging report on the completed project will also serve as a warranty for the building, proving its completion without leaks. Drones can find leaks in just a few minutes, saving time and increasing competence.

10. Geographic Information System (GIS)

Drones in construction

Apart from construction, drones also have a significant impact on the geographical imaging system. There have been advances in drone technology where the high definition images from drones can be incorporated into a particular software for swift collection of the geographic data. Drones can also access sites that would have been otherwise inaccessible or even fatal to humans. They can help in the inspection of unstable mines without putting any lives at risk. Thus, drones play a significant role in the mining industry, as well.
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