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BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System -Advantages, Design and Installation

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BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system is most advanced and complex reinforcement system. BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system advantages, design and installation is discussed. BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system not only reduces the time for construction but it also reduces the cost of building under consideration. This is due to the substantial speed of reinforcement bar fixings. The BAMTEC reinforcement system is like lose bar reinforcement arranged or packed into a roll as shown in Figure-1. In this article, different aspects of BAMTEC slab reinforcement system will be discussed.

Fig.1: BAMTEC Reinforcement System

BAMTEC Slab Reinforcement System

Following details regarding BAMTEC slab reinforcement system is discussed:

BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Steel bars utilized in BAMTEC carpet is conventional ribbed reinforcement which can be welded. Various bar diameter ranges from 8 mm to 32 mm can be used to construct BAMTEC carpet reinforcement. The BAMTEC carpet reinforcement can be transported to project site with up to 15 m in length and up to 35m is possible to roll out. The long and spacing of steel bars can be varied as per the requirements of the design. That is why BAMTEC carpet reinforcement can be employed for slabs with openings, non-rectangular slabs, and slabs on which different loadings are imposed. So, as it can be observed that the BAMTEC carpet reinforcement can be extremely complex that is why sophisticated design software with partially or completely automated production machine is needed to meet the requirements of the BAMTEC system. Steel bars in BAMTEC carpet reinforcement are kept in place or welded to small size steel strip.

Fig.2: Rolling Out BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Advantages of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System

Design of BAMTEC Slab Reinforcement

There are number of software which can be used for the design of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement and most of and produce input data for the manufacturing machine. There are different methods to calculate forces act on the slabs, these forces will be used to compute reinforcement ratio for various regions of the slab. After that, the calculated reinforcement ratio is used by BAMTEC module and output BAMTEC carpet. Moreover, if the software which is used to estimate the reinforcement ratio is not integrated with BAMTEC module, then the designer must allocate specific amount of reinforcement for different parts of the slab based on the requirements of the slab. The plan for unrolling the carpet can be produced by software. An example of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement roll out plan, which is marked, is shown in Figure-3.

Fig.3: BAMTEC Carpet Rolling Out Plan

Production of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

After the design and detailing of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement is finished by applying suitable design and detailing software, the BAMTEC carpet production machine, which is completely automated, is fed with out-of-design and detailing software data. So, the production of the BAMTEC carpet is carried out automatically which helps in placing reinforced steel bars at its position precisely. Moreover, the automated BAMTEC carpet machine can weld any specified bar diameter ranges from 8 mm to 32 mm and any steel bar length that can be from 1.7 m to 15m. It is possible to place different bar sizes with different spacing in one BAMTEC carpet. Different size of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement can be manufactured and maximum size is about 30m long and 15m breadth, and the weight of single carpet is up to 2 tones. Figure-4 and Figure-5 show BAMTEC carpet reinforcement machine which is fully automated.

Fig.4: BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement Production Machine

Fig.5: Produced BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Installation of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Installation of BAMTEC carpet reinforcement is considerably quick and need less labor compared with conventional reinforcement installation. Large carpet needs three or four worker whereas smaller carpet can be installed with only two workers with the help of cranes, and skilled labors are not required. It is estimated that 3-8 minutes are required to place a carpet disregard of the size and weight of the carpet. Therefore, it can be said that, BAMTEC carpet reinforcement is ten times quicker compare with the conventional method. The carpet installation steps include delivering the carpet to the project site, then the BAMTEC carpet is left to its position on the slab; the first bar in the carpet is placed at its exact location, and finally the carpet is rolled out.

Fig.6: Delivering BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Fig.7: Lifting BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement at Construction Site

Fig.8: Lifting and Positioning of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Fig.9: Rolling Out BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

Fig.10: Rolling Out BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement

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