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Civil Engineering

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During the concrete construction stage, actual work is executed as per the plans and specifications prepared earlier. The construction methodology is carried out in a planned manner preventing wastage of manpower, materials and money and ensuring completion of the project within the stipulated time, cost and quality.

The various activities of this stage can be summarized as follows:

I. Using CPM network the following construction schedules or calendars are prepared where requirement of each with exact date is clearly demarcketed. This facilitates the work of construction management along with controlling and monitoring:

a. Activity schedules

b. Material schedule

c. Worker schedule

d. Fund schedule

e. Equipment schedule

II. Provision of services and facilities must be provided before starting the construction work.

III. A typical layout of the plant and services camp should be incorporated.

IV. Supervision of construction work within the contract agreement and ensuring the qualities of work and checking of work as per plans and specifications is made.

V. Co-ordination of sub-contractors and various sections is done.

VI. Inspection, quality control and progress of work are the main functions of this stage.

VII. If there is any problem during the construction it must be sorted out amicably.

VIII. Final checking of the completed work is made and final payment is made to the contractor.

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