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Category : Construction Management

Construction management include a project manager, planning, estimation, scheduling, tendering, contracts, equipments etc.

Workforce Motivational Theories in Construction

The various incentive measures that are applied for workforce motivation in construction industry is based on certain theories which are explained here.Achievement of worker’s satisfaction by having a proper balance on the interrelated motivating factors brings higher performance and production ...

Automated Material Management and Handling in Construction Projects

The automated material management is a part of computer integrated construction (CIC). It involves automated material identification system and the automated material handling systems. Automated Material Management The construction materials are identified at the unloading area as soon as these materials arrive ...

Methods for Calculating Cost of Engineering Consultant Services

There are several methods by which calculation of engineering consultant services cost can be carried out in construction. It is possible to employ various charging approach at different phase of the consultant services.The application of each method or combination of ...

What Services are Provided by Engineering Consultants in Construction?

Engineering consultants may provide inclusive engineering services but there are consultants which are specialized in specific engineering areas for instance structural, geotechnical, and environmental.Generally, the necessity for engineering services is based on the nature of the project and capability of ...

Construction Management Software – Comparisons, Features and Benefits

Construction management software helps to manage and execute construction project activities easily and effectively. Comparisons, features and benefits of these software are discussed.From the last 10-15 years’ technology has grown to become a necessary part of our lives. New innovations, ...

Strategic Construction Project Planning and Programming Criteria

Strategic construction project planning and programming all the activities carried out helps to shape the programming of its capital projects. This planning is mainly dependent on the demand that is obtained from the market and the constraints in the resources.The ...