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40 Seminar/Project Topics in Structural Engineering

Seminar project topics in structural engineering

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The specification of final year project's topics may have some influence on the future job or career of students. It, therefore, becomes very crucial to select an apt topic since students are going to do great and extensive research about it, it is possible that such a topic may open doors to different horizons in the field.

In this article, forty topics about structural engineering are presented which can be used for both seminars and graduation projects. There are lots of topic out there, but these are selected from literature and efforts made to specify most novel topics.

These topics deal with various aspects of structures such as improving certain aspects of design, repair damaged structures, study properties of structures under various modes of loading including static and dynamic like seismic forces. These project topics may need numerical modelling, experimental works, or combination thereof.

  1. Pushover analysis – cyclic loading, deterioration effect in RC Moment Frames in pushover analysis
  2. Rehabilitation – Evaluation of drift distribution
  3. Analysis of large dynamic structure in environment industry
  4. Theoretical study on High frequency fatigue behavior of concrete
  5. Seismic analysis of interlocking blocks in walls
  6. Estimation of marine salts behavior around the bridge structures
  7. A comparative study on durability of concrete tunnels undertaken in AP irrigation projects
  8. Prefabricated multistory structure, exposure to engineering seismicity
  9. Shape optimization of Reinforced underground tunnels
  10. Properties of Fiber Cement Boards for building partitions
  11. Behavior of RC Structures subjected to blasting
  12. The use of green materials in the construction of buildings
  13. Finite element model for double composite beam
  14. A new composite element for FRP Reinforced Concrete Slab
  15. Effect of shear lag on anchor bolt tension in a base plate
  16. Elastic plastic bending, load carrying capacity of steel members
  17. FE Analysis of lateral buckling of a plate curved in nature
  18. Green energy and indoor technologies for smart buildings
  19. Building environmental assessment methodology
  20. Numerical study on strengthening of composite bridges
  21. Strengthening effect for RC member under negative bending
  22. Effect of negative Poisson’s ratio on  bending of RC member
  23. Macroeconomic cause within the life cycle of bridges
  24. Long term deflections of long-span bridges
  25. Structural damage detection in plates using wavelet theories (transforms)
  26. Hybrid Simulations: Theory and Applications
  27. Engineered Wood in Cold Climate
  28. Mechanical Properties and Engineering Application of Modern Timber
  29. Hybrid Structural Systems and Innovation Design Method
  30. Design of Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Basement
  31. Nonlinear Analysis of a New 3D Skip-Floor Staggered Shear Wall Structure
  32. Advances in Civil Infrastructure Engineering
  33. Mechanical Performance of an Irregular Kiewitt Dome Structure
  34. Shear Distribution Coefficient Study under Horizontal Force
  35. Structural Damage Identification Method and Program Designing Based on Statistical Analysis
  36. Prescriptive or Performance Design for Fire?
  37. Deflection Control by Design
  38. New Code Provisions for Long Term Deflection Calculations
  39. Retrofitting and Repairing with composite materials
  40. Epoxy Coated Reinforcement and Crack Control
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