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Quality assurance of construction materials is the responsibility of the purchase department to assure the quality of purchased materials in consultation with production and engineering department. Proper specifications have to be decided and finally conveyed as part of purchase orders.

The characteristics/standards of the construction materials need to be put down in purchase orders in unambiguous items. The technical terms should uniquely be understood by the supplier. The testing and inspection methods/procedures, the type of tests that are required to be conducted; all need to be specified accurately.

The purchase department can achieve required quality of incoming construction material by:

(a) Conveying correct specifications,

(b) Assessing quality capability of supplier before placement of purchase order,

(c) Frequent testing and inspection at the supplier’s production facilities, if considered necessary,

(d) Insisting on proper certification of dispatched material from the supplier's facility,

(e) Proper packaging and transportation to avoid deterioration, damage, breakage during transition,

(f) Testing and inspection at the receiving end. Insisting on approved quantity and quality certificate by receiving point so as to release the payment,

(g) Proper storage in the warehouse/store so as to avoid deterioration or damage during storage, and

(h) Revising and conveying the quality specification as and when needed well in advance so as to avoid stockpiling and or getting mixed up of 'old' quality items with 'new' quality items.

All these steps, used appropriately, help in insuring the right quality of the incoming construction materials; which ultimately reflects in the final product of the company.

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