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Design, Bid and Control Estimates in Construction

construction cost estimates

construction cost estimates

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The construction cost estimates are viewed from different perspectives based on different institutional requirements. There are several types of cost estimates in the project, but the top classification of cost estimates is based on the functions; Design, bid and control.

The three major types of construction cost estimates are design estimates, bid estimates, and Control estimates. The major types are briefly explained in this article.

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1. Design Estimates

There are different design estimates namely:

Various design estimates convey the progress of the design and planning stage of the project.

The facility can be decomposed into different levels based on the type of cost estimate that is to be prepared.

2. Bid Estimates

A bid estimate is an estimate that is submitted to the owner by the contractor. This can be either competitive bidding or bid that is concluded after negotiation. This bid includes:

The bid estimates are derived from the combination of the following approaches:

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3. Control Estimates

A control estimate is used for monitoring the project during the construction phase. The control estimate is derived from the following available information:

Some baseline has to be adopted by the contractor and the owner for cost control. A budget estimate has to be adopted by the owner as early during the planning that helps in long term financing of the facility.

In the case of a contractor, the bid estimate is considered as the budget estimate which can be used to control the purpose as a part of construction planning. The budgeted cost has to be updated periodically to highlight the estimated cost to completion and to ensure sufficient cash flow for the completion of the project.

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