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Five Digital Software Tools for a Successful Construction Project

Construction software tools

Construction software tools

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The construction industry has seen a lot of changes in the last decade. From introducing innovative building materials to digital design software, the way construction projects are executed has changed drastically. Digital technology has allowed engineers to make smarter decisions about building a project, which leads to more efficient timelines and lower costs.

Construction projects are complex and costly, but digital technology provides suitable solutions for such challenges. The emergence of software tools has made it easier for project managers to plan and execute construction projects with higher precision.

There is a wide range of digital software that construction companies use to create more efficient and effective processes. In addition, it improves communication about changes so they don't overlap or be in conflict with one another, as every piece of information will be available in a single place. Here, we will review five digital software tools that can help your construction project meet its goals.

What is Construction Project Management Software?

Construction project management software is a tool that helps managers to organize, budget, and schedule the entire construction process. It enables companies to complete projects faster while keeping track of changes in real-time.

Digitization has made companies fully embrace the changes in the construction industry. It has made employees working on a project easily share information and collaborate on documents. Such software is also used to track the progress and cost of one or more projects.

Construction project management software is distinguished from the technology used to design and engineering plans. Yet, they are frequently integrated using compatible file types.

The features of the digital software that help to create successful construction projects include:

Digital software, like some of the best BIM software for construction projects, is highly efficient in today's dynamic work environment where many employees work remotely. It helps the workforce associate with budget planning, better communication, decision-making, and scheduling.

Top Five Digital Software For Construction Projects

  1. Procore
  2. Autodesk BIM 360
  3. PlanGrid
  4. Fieldwire
  5. Buildertrend
  1. Procore

Procore is one of the most popular construction project management software and is preferred for most cloud-based projects. Procore's platform is easy to use, making it the perfect tool for managing projects from the initial planning stages of completion. 

The software provides seamless access to project contributors and resources, such as owners and head contractors, in one central dashboard. Procore is a great fit for any contractor with customizable tools.

With a recommended custom bundle of Procore features, you can receive pricing benefits when purchasing multiple projects together. For example, the most popular package, which includes project management and financial management, costs 805 AUD, whereas the Just Getting Started Plan for project management costs 552 AUD per month.

  1. Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 is an integrated platform that enables you to connect your project teams and offers a broad range of tools. It is useful for engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and other construction professionals. 

The objective is to anticipate safety concerns, proactively manage quality, automate activities, and minimize rework so that you may manage expenses and stay on track.

BIM 360 is a cloud-based construction project software. Its features include construction tracking, custom reports and analysis, access control, document modification, publishing, navigation, real-time data, and more.

As the most comprehensive integrated platform, its benefits involve accessibility from anywhere, anytime, and increased job site productivity.

The cost of the tool varies depending on work and which modules are included. Unfortunately, BIM 360 does not have a standard pricing structure, so interested users must contact a sales representative to find out more.

  1. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is a construction productivity software that is best for blueprints and document management. In addition, PlanGrid is an excellent fit for people looking for an efficient way to store their never-ending supply of construction paperwork.

PlanGrid is a construction management software designed for various industries. It can be used by general contractors, subcontractors and owners, and specific types of buildings. Many companies in different sectors rely on it to keep their projects moving smoothly.

Some of the critical features of PlanGrid include documenting, reporting, enterprise progress, and more. These solutions are offered to specific construction industries like commercial, heavy civil, industrial, healthcare, and education.

You can avail a 21-day free trial apart from the three lucrative pricing plans. The Nailgun plan offers 550 sheets for $39 per month. Dozer, the most popular plan, provides 5,000 sheets for $59 per month. The third plan, Crane, offers unlimited sheets for $119 per month.

  1. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is one of the leading field management solutions that are best for job site coordination. Tasks are grouped around projects and trades, making it simple for engineers, supervisors, and contractors to keep track of their workload and optimize their schedule up to two or three weeks in advance.

Some of the striking features of Fieldwire include plan management, collaboration tools, contractor management, dispatch and document management, incident reporting, issue tracking, real-time messaging, and easy document and photo sharing.

You can explore the basic features of Fieldwire with 100 sheets and three projects with its basic plan for five users. The three other pricing plans include Pro, Business, and Premium for $29, $49, and $80 per month, respectively. All three plans will have you grow your working potential with unlimited sheets and projects.

  1. Buildertrend

One of the best project management software, the most dependable for remodelers, is the Buildertrend. It is most often utilized for residential construction, remodeling, and specialty contracting. 

An exceptional construction project management, Buildertrend includes pre-sales, financial management, and customer relationship management.

The features of Buildertrend that make it stand out include financial tools, customer management, single-entry estimating, work progress reports, scheduling functionality, and other collaboration reports. It also helps you build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time connections with plans, documents, and daily reports.

Buildertrend's pricing plan is segregated into two, namely Core Plan and Pro Plan. Core plans cost $99 per month, and the Pro plans cost $299 per month. Apart from the basic features of the Core plan, the Pro has order changes, warranties, bids, estimates, bills and purchase orders, payment processing, and financial reporting.

To Sum It Up

There is no end to the variety of digital tools available for project managers. There are various categories within this software that are tailored towards different industries, like construction management companies needing an easier way to manage daily tasks on-site. 

While there are many great tools available these days for managing projects within this dynamic environment, each situation requires a specific solution when it comes to implementation.

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