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I.S Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

I.S Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

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The list of Indian standard codes for earthquake design of structures include IS 1893–2002, IS 4928–1993, IS 13827–1992, IS: 13920–1997, IS: 13935–1993. These codes take several parameters into considerations for instance local seismology, accepted level of seismic risk, building typologies, construction materials, and methods used in construction.

Earthquake resistant building design guidelines are provided by set of Indian Standard codes (IS Codes). After observing Indian earthquakes for several years Bureau of Indian Standard has divided the country into five zones depending upon the severity of earthquake.

The role that codes of earthquake design structures play is of utmost important. This is because structures that designed and constructed in accordance with the specifications, procedures, and recommendations of these codes are capable of resisting seismic forces and associated deformations to certain extent.

These codes are the guidance of designers to plan, design, detail, and construct buildings to withstand earthquakes.

Finally, it should be known that, similar to other codes around the world, structures design based on these codes do not entirely immune from damages during earthquake of all magnitude. However, such buildings are able to withstand sizeable intensities without total collapse.

I.S. Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

1. IS 1893

2. IS 4326

3. IS 13827

4. IS 13828

5. IS 13920

6. IS 13935

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