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VIP Membership – Benefits & FAQs

Exclusive Benefits for VIP Members

VIP Badge on Your Profile
Ad-Free Reading Experience
Access to Exclusive Articles
Print, PDF & Email. Check Example Here
Access to Android and iOS Apps (Coming Soon)
Priority Support for Your Queries
Join Telegram for Updates, Downloads and Chats
Email Newsletter
Push Notifications
Discount on our Merchandise
Ask Questions
Write Articles (Not Sponsored)
Send Messages
Offline Access in PWA App

How Can I Subscribe to VIP Membership?

You can Subscribe to VIP membership by first registering on the site, and then selecting the subscription plan and making payment.

What are the Membership Plans offered?

Currently, there are three types of membership plans offered.
1. Free Plan - Gives you access to limited features of creating your profile page, reading articles and questions, writing comments, and answers to the question.
2. 3 Monthly VIP Plan - It gives access to all the features listed on the subscription page. Charges are automatically debited from your payment methods on a monthly basis unless canceled.
3. Yearly VIP Plan - It gives access to all the features listed on the subscription page. Charges are automatically debited from your payment methods on a yearly basis unless canceled.

All the premium features that would be available from time to time will be made available for all the new and current VIP Members.

Is there any Discount Offer for VIP Membership?

Yes. The current pricing displayed is a discounted price. This is a limited time offer. You must also know that once subscribed in a discounted price, you will always be charged at a discounted price for your next renewals.

Can I have a trial of VIP Membership Offer?

Unfortunately we can not offer you to see all the features of a VIP membership. However, You can:
1. Check how the PDF, Print, Email and Audio options work for the articles at
2. You can check how the Exclusive Videos will be available to VIP members at

What are the Payment Methods?

There are two types of payment methods:
1. Stripe payments which accepts all the major credit and debit cards.
2. Paypal offers subscription with Paypal account as well as with credit and debit cards.

Soon, PayTM payment method will also be added.

How can I change my Subscription Plan?

You can change your current subscription plan from . You must be logged in to view Change Plan option.

How can I Unsubscribe from VIP Plans?

You can cancel the plan from and clicking on Cancel Subscription. If you are unable to cancel your plan, you can email us your details at [email protected].

Will I get refund if I do not like the VIP Membership?

VIP membership option offers features like download PDF and printing of the articles, which once downloaded or printed can not be taken back once you cancel your plan. However, if you do not like the VIP Membership or subscribed by mistake, you must contact us on [email protected] within 1 hour of subscription. Your Membership will be canceled and refund will be processed.