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When a soil mass is subjected to a compressive force, its volume decreases. The property of the soil due to which a decrease in volume occurs under compressive force is known as the compressibility of soil. The compression of soil can occur due to

  1. Compression of solid particles and water in the voids
  2. Compression and expulsion of air in the voids
  3. Expulsion of water in the voids

The compression of saturated soil under a steady static pressure is known as consolidation. It is entirely due to expulsion of water from the voids


    • Initial Consolidation

      When a load is applied to a partially saturated soil, a decrease in volume occurs due to expulsion and compression of air in the voids. A small decrease in volume occurs due to compression of solid particles. The reduction in volume of the soil just after the application of the load is known as initial consolidation or initial compression. For saturated soils, the initial consolidation is mainly due to compression of solid particles.

        • Primary Consolidation

          After initial consolidation, further reduction in volume occurs due to expulsion of water from the voids. When a saturated soil is subjected to a pressure, initially all the applied pressure is taken up by water as an excess pore water pressure. A hydraulic gradient will develop and the water starts flowing out and a decrease in volume occurs. This reduction in volume is called as the primary consolidation of soil

          • secondary Consolidation

            The reduction in volume continues at a very slow rate even after the excess hydrostatic pressure developed by the applied pressure is fully dissipated and the primary consolidation is complete. The additional reduction in the volume is called as the secondary consolidation.

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