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How to Prepare Engineering Report of Foundation Investigation?

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According to Eurocode 7, engineering report of foundation investigation need to be prepared and submitted to the client or owner as part of design process. The report should consider all information and data from historical records, site observation, trial pits, boreholes, and laboratory tests. In this article, the arrangement and contents of engineering report of foundation investigation will be discussed.

Preparing Engineering Report of Foundation Investigation

Engineering report of foundation investigation is composed of the following components


There are number of major points which need to be explained in this part and these points are as follow:

General Description of the Site

There are features and data related to the site that need to be recorded in this section. General site features and information may include:

General Geology of the Area

In this part of the engineering report, the following information should be provided: Description of the soil conditions found in boreholes and trial pits The following information should be provided in this section: Nonetheless, these diagrams should not include detailed information of soil profile for instance changed in ground water table in successive strata because such information could lead to costly error.

Laboratory Test Results

This part of the engineering report should include the following information:

Discussion of results of investigation in relation to the foundation design and construction

This part by far the most significant components of the engineering repot for foundation design and construction. The discussion should be clear and concise and efforts should be made to prevent the use of words such as (but) and (if). It is recommended to divide this section into differ parts so as to make it more clear, readable, and understandable. The subheadings of the discussion includes Note: In the discussion, the discussion about inappropriate foundations should be avoided since it would be waste of time. The discussion should clearly state type and depth of foundation, allowable bearing pressure, and anticipated settlement due to allowable pressure. Moreover, the benefit of adopting deeper foundation to allow for higher bearing pressure or decreasing foundation settlement. Furthermore, if the pile foundation is adopted, then the engineering report should state bearing strata, to which the pile is driven, pile penetration likelihood into the strata, working load magnitude per pile, Finally, the pile installation difficulty and any possible influence on the surrounding structure should be specified.


The facts that have been achieved in the report should be used as base for the foundation design recommendation. It is advised that, the head of investigation and the design have good communication throughout the entire stages of the work.


Typically the following points should be provided in conclusion:
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