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Category : Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation describes its types, materials, construction techniques, uses in different soil conditions and related calculations.

Driven Cast In-Situ Concrete Piles Construction Process

Driven cast in-situ concrete piles are constructed by driving a closed-ended hollow steel or concrete casing into the ground and then filling it with concrete. The casing may be left in position to form part of the pile, or withdrawn for ...

Negative Skin Friction on Piles and Pile Groups

What is negative skin friction on piles and pile group? Negative skin friction is usually a downward shear drag acting on a pile or pile group because of downward movement of surrounding soil relative to the piles. This shear drag movements ...

Methods of Installing Pile Foundations

The installation process and methods of pile foundations are equally important factors as of the design process. Pile foundation installation methods are by pile hammer and boring by mechanical auger. To avoid damages to the piles, during design, installation Methods and ...

Types of Piles Based on Load Transfer, Function, Material and Soil

Types of Piles for Pile Foundation Based on Load Transfer and Function Classification of piles with respect to load transmission and functional behavior are: End bearing piles (point bearing piles) Friction piles (cohesion piles ) Combination of friction and cohesion piles End ...