There are basically three methods of reducing hazards liquefaction hazards:

1)  By Avoiding Liquefaction Susceptible Soils

Construction  on liquefaction susceptible soils is to be avoided. It is required to characterize the soil at a particular building site according to the various criteria available to determine the liquefaction potential of the soil in a site

Earthquake induced liquefaction

2)  Build Liquefaction Resistant Structures 

The structure constructed should be liquefaction resistant i.e., designing the foundation elements to resist the effects of liquefaction if at all it is necessary to construct the structure on liquefiable soil because of favourable location,  space restriction and other reasons.


3)  Improve the Soil

This involves mitigation of the liquefaction hazards by improving the strength, density and drainage characteristics of the soil. This can be done using variety of soil improvement techniques.

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